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services » turnkey services

  • Bilfo’s design/build capability together with the facility owners allow us to evaluate technical, operational and commercial options to produce solutions that best fit project needs:
  • » Feasibility Studies
    Conceptual design, site selection and survey optimization studies, cost estimates
  • » Project Management
    Resource planning project scheduling, safety program, procedures preparation, progress monitoring and reporting
  • » Engineering
    Process Design, electrical and control systems design, construction drawings, safety and hazard analysis
  • » Quality Management
    Quality control procedures, inspection and testing

  • » Component Supply
    Equipment specifications, material purchasing, inspection and expediting traffic logistics
  • » Fabrication and Construction
    Plate and structures preparation, shop assemblies, component machining, skids, foundation and civil, storage vessels, tanks, piping, mechanical, electrical, instrumentation and controls, insulation and coatings, fire protection systems
  • » Operation
    Operating and maintenance manuals, operator training, start-up and commissioning, spare parts list, maintenance and repairs.
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