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  • Bilfo is constantly seeking methods, tools and equipment to safety erect high quality structures more efficiently.
  • » The companies Construction Teams (CT) provide construction engineering and consulting services to project teams and our customers.
  • » CT is staffed with seasoned construction planners and experts in rigging, heavy lifting and other construction disciplines.
  • » The project team, the customer and CT work together during project study to develop value awareness concepts that benefit the total project.
  • » Based on constructability studies CT develops specific site erection plans and procedures for complex projects including the selection of equipment most suited to the tasks on hand. That includes heavy lift cranes, transporters, temporary support, etc.
  • » Refined by almost three decades of experience with standard structures, CT has developed procedure manuals for Bilfo field construction crews to ensure consistent repeatable and reliable construction methodology’s used.

  • » Bilfo has a safety program that works. Our excellent results translate directly to lower cost and reduced risk for our customers. Our comprehensive safety program provides the framework for identifying, evaluating and controlling safety hazards.
  • » Key features include:
  • 1. A proactive approach to safety that has been ingrained through many years of experience in the construction industry.
  • 2. Innovating programs, such as true involvement of employees, a behavior based process that has resulted in improved safety performance.
  • 3. Performance evaluations promoting a safe working environment.
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