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  • Bilfo is a recognized leader in welding and quality assurance (QA) technology, supporting our construction crews and customers with timely and practical solutions to the most demanding technical challenges. At Bilfo’s field welding processes and equipment must provide the same quality and performance that can be obtained in a shop environment and production welding must produce weldments with desired mechanical properties.
  • The responsibility for maintaining Bilfo’s leadership in this area rests with our Welding and QA Technology Department in Cyprus and Greece, its responsibilities include:
  • » Development of technical policy related to welding and QA/QC
  • » Development of welding procedures for specific projects
  • » Testing of new welding procedures for specific projects
  • » Obtaining assistance to Bilfo operating companies
  • » Training of welders, welding engineers and technicians
  • The Hellenic facility and our collaborators contains a fully equipped welding and metallurgical laboratory.
  • The laboratory provides metallurgical evaluations, impact testing, hardness testing, tensile and bend testing, drop weight testing and heat treatment.

  • Engineers and technicians have expert knowledge of industry codes and requirements and follow procedures to produce test results with full documentation. Bilfo’s experienced staff can engineer the heat treatment of materials. Project services include:
  • » Development of heat treating procedures as appropriate to develop required properties for materials and weldments
  • » Performance of shop or field post weld heat treatment (PWHT) operations
  • » Surveillance or monitoring of heat treating operations
  • » Stress analysis for stress relieving or post weld heat treatment
  • The Welding and QA Technology Department can develop, implement and manage comprehensive quality systems for all classes of work to meet ISO 9000 and ASME requirements.
  • Detailed QA/QC procedures are prepared and followed for every step of a project, including welding, heat treating, NDE, cleaning, repair, hydrotest and other special activities.
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