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  • Bilfo is a specialty Engineering, Procurement and Construction company, that provides turnkey, design-build solutions.

    Our employees come together from EU and other nations to help our customers store and utilize the earth’s natural resources in a safe, efficient, economic and environmentally manner.

    Founded in 1978, we now work(ed) in more than 10 countries.
  • » Bilfo, in collaboration with Abrex Corporation, is promoting now the double bottom construction using The Parabeam 3D Glass Fabrics for vertical above ground tanks, as well as horizontal under ground tanks, etc. The system is completed with top conductive coat and 24 hours leaks monitoring system.

    Our services:
  • » design and engineering
    » steel fabrication
    » welding and quality assurance
    » construction
    » turnkey services
    » maintenance services
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    » Our e-mail for general information is info@bilfo.com.cy

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